Javascript Libraries

Our suite of Javascript libraries make it simple to manage the complexity of managing wallets, sending assets, and storing data on a blockchain. Why Javascript? It is the one language that runs on virtually every platform from a server to a mobile app. By using these libraries as the building blocks of the rest of our platform we are able to ensure consistency between all components of the MC Escher platform.


Low Level Transactions

Wallet Library

Browser & Server Support

Chain Server

Our chain server is the heart of the MC Escher platform. It sits between low level blockchain nodes and gives apps and libraries clean apis to interact with. It gives the platform the ability to use SPV wallets and developers a place to add expanded security that is not possible with standard blockchain nodes alone.

SPV Server

Send/Receive, transaction history


Manages datastream content

Token Security

Only see transactions relative to your wallet


A flexible API makes the chain server a perfect tool to build your blockchain games and apps on.

Wallet Server

While our cabbage wallet provides an amazing mobile experience when integrating with different gaming platforms a programatic way to manage a wallet is needed. That is where our wallet server comes in.

Integrates with External Game Systems

Handles send and receive transactions

Processes Transactions on Blockchain

Detects on-chain transactions for game and processes them

Exposes a Withdraw API

External Games call back to this endpoint to send money back to the wallet

Game Processing

Our CLI tool gives you an easy way to customize and run games fully on a blockchain. It handles payouts, agent commissions, multiple games, and more.

Game Management

Create new rounds, draw and close existing rounds.


All game rules live in config files with an easy to understand format that helps reduce human error.


New games can be added by simply adding a new config with the game rules.

Chains UI

A CLI is great for managing things on a server and automating processes, but sometimes you just want a simple way to see what is going on. Chains UI has you covered. It provides insight into transactions and your platform health as well as an easy way to interact with the MC Escher platform all through a web based interface.

Blockchain Explorer

View transaction histories

Administration and Support

Send assets, create contact, view raw blockchain tx data

Platform Monitoring

Monitor nodes, view client error data