The Bridge Solution

Bridge enables casino players to transfer tokens to and from a slot machine using their phone.

Works with Existing Systems

Does not interfere with existing TITO system or AFT. Bridge does not require PIP technology or button remapping.

Reduced IT Costs

Leverages the Bitcoin SV public blockchain and is fully transparent and auditable in real time.

Hand Pays

Reduce the resource costs for processing hand pays by enabling players to perform KYC and tax documentation within the mobile app, which also significantly improves the player experience winning a jackpot.

Player Convenience

Players can pre-load their Bridge wallet before arriving at the casino or from the cage. Players can send credits to a slot machine and cash out, all from the smartphone that they are already constantly using.

Bridge Components

Bridge Wallet

Players can move credits to and from a slot machine from their smartphone. Funds on the phone are stored securely as a cryptocurrency.

Bridge Vault

CMS agnostic solution that uses a public blockchain for secure, trustless, and transparent transactions.

Bridge Link

Inexpensive hardware device that connects to a blockchain. All existing user experiences and accounting remain intact.

Mobile Ecosystem

The casino stays constantly connected with their players. New marketing and player loyalty opportunities, as well as online game play.