The BitBoss Platform

BitBoss is a real money gaming company that has created a platform where all money and game actions flow through a public blockchain to provide a tamper-proof ledger of all transactions that take place.  BitBoss technology is tying the casino physical world to the online world and is eliminating the need for the traditional online casino client server architecture.  Casinos can transition to our system easily and they do not need to install servers or harden data centers, and they can drastically improve their mobile app adoption and inexpensively convert their customers to online. We have created several pieces of technology to power this platform.


An open source javascript library that allows us to create wallets and transactions and keep up with the fast pace of BSV development


Transfer cryptocurrency credits to and from a slot machine and will enable casinos to finally change to a cashless system

Bitcoin SV Blockchain

Powered by the Bitcoin SV blockchain which provides a common data layer and a security and transactions layer, all for fractions of a penny per transaction

Online Gaming Platform

Allows content providers to easily plug into our blockchain platform and get paid on every transaction that happens in real time, 100% transparent on the blockchain

Bitfire Block Explorer

Used to show game specific blockchain transactions and to show players that each bet result is provably fair

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View CEO Matthew Dickson’s recent presentation on the BitBoss Gaming platform

Our Technology


A Cashless Mobile Ecosystem for Electronic Game Machines


A javascript library for building cryptocurrency wallets


A Decentralized Naming System


Mobile crypto wallet

MC Escher

A Blockchain Platform for Gaming

Mobile Games

All bets and bet results are put on the blockchain


Patent Pending Technology for Provably Fair Gaming